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Delete EKS Cluster

We won't delete the cluster we created since we will be using it for further demos and tutorials. But if you need to delete the cluster, you can follow the instructions below.

Delete Cluster

You can delete the EKS cluster using the following commands:

# Command template
eksctl delete cluster -f <cluster-config-file>
eksctl delete cluster --name <cluster-name> --region <region_name>

# Actual command
eksctl delete cluster -f cluster.yml
eksctl delete cluster --name my-cluster --region ap-south-1


To delete an EKS cluster, only two parameters are required name and region. If you don't provide the region parameter, it will default to the region you set while configuring AWS CLI.

When you use the configuration file to delete the cluster, eksctl basically extracts the name and region parameters of the cluster from configuration file and then uses them to delete the cluster.


If for reason you get an error that says Error: failed to delete all resources, go to AWS Cloudformation and check the Stack info. You will find the reason as to why the deletion failed.

You can then retry deleting the resources once you have identified and fixed the issue.