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Verify Worker Nodes

Let's verify if worker nodes were created.

Step 1: List Node Groups

List the node groups in the EKS cluster we created.

# Command template
eksctl get nodegroup --cluster <cluster-name>

# Actual command
eksctl get nodegroup --cluster my-cluster

Step 2: List Worker Nodes

List the worker nodes in the EKS cluster we created.

kubectl get nodes

More Useful Commands

Here are some more useful kubectl commands:

# Display the cluster info
kubectl cluster-info

# Get all worker nodes with expanded (aka "wide") output
kubectl get nodes -o wide

# Describe a node
kubectl describe node <node-name>

Resource types are case-insensitive and you can specify the singular, plural, or abbreviated forms.

The following commands produce the same output:

kubectl get no 
kubectl get node
kubectl get nodes


node is abbreviated as no.