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Publish Image to Docker Hub

To share your image with your team or the public, you should store it in a Docker registry. Docker Hub serves as a registry that enables you to either privately share your images with your team or make them accessible to the public.

Let's see how you can do that.

Step 1: Create an Account on Docker Hub

Visit Docker Hub and create an account.

Step 2: Create a Repository

A Docker repository is a collection of Docker images that are stored and made available for others to use and download.

Let's create a public repository named node-express.

Step 3: Push Image to Docker Repository

  1. Login to Docker Hub

    docker login
  2. Re-tag the Docker image you want to push

    # Command template
    docker tag <existing-image>:<tag> <docker-hub-username>/<repository-name>:<tag>
    # Actual command
    docker tag my-node-express-image:v1 reyanshkharga/node-express:v1
  3. Push the image to repository

    # Command template
    docker push <docker-hub-username>/<repository-name>:<tag>
    # Actual command
    docker push reyanshkharga/node-express:v1

Step 4: Verify the Image in Docker Hub

Go to Docker Hub and verify if the image is pushed. Now, if the image is public, anyone can pull the image.