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Install eksctl

eksctl is a simple command line tool for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS.

eksctl provides the fastest and easiest way to create a new cluster with nodes for Amazon EKS.

Let's see how you can install eksctl on your operating system.


Given the ever-changing nature of the installation process, it is advisable to rely on the official documentation when installing eksctl.

You can visit the official documentation and follow the instructions to install eksctl on your operating system.

Step 1: Install eksctl

Install eksctl on MacOS

You can install or upgrade eksctl on MacOS using the following command:

brew upgrade eksctl && { brew link --overwrite eksctl; } || { brew tap weaveworks/tap; brew install weaveworks/tap/eksctl; }

Install eksctl on Windows

You can use Chocolatey to install eksctl on Windows. If you do not already have Chocolatey installed on your Windows system, see Installing Chocolatey.

Install eksctl:

choco install -y eksctl 

If you already have eksctl installed, you can upgrade it using the followign command:

choco upgrade -y eksctl 

Install eksctl on Unix

  1. Download and extract the latest release of eksctl with the following command:

    curl --silent --location "$(uname -s)_amd64.tar.gz" | tar xz -C /tmp
  2. Move the extracted binary to /usr/local/bin:

    sudo mv /tmp/eksctl /usr/local/bin

Step 2: Verify eksctl Installation

eksctl version

The above command should print the version of the eksctl installed on your system.