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Create and Manage Service Accounts

Let's see how we can create and manage Service Accounts.

Step 1: Create a Service Account

Let's create a service account in the default namespace:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ServiceAccount
  name: my-service-account

Apply the manifest to create the Service Account:

kubectl apply -f my-service-account.yml

Step 2: List Service Accounts

List service accounts in the default namespace:

kubectl get sa
kubectl get serviceaccount
kubectl get serviceaccounts

Resource types are case-insensitive and you can specify the singular, plural, or abbreviated forms. The following commands produce the same output:

kubectl get sa 
kubectl get serviceaccount
kubectl get serviceaccounts


serviceaccount is abbreviated as sa.

Step 3: Describe a Service Account

kubectl describe serviceaccount my-service-account
kubectl describe serviceaccount/my-service-account


In kubernetes versions 1.23 and earlier, when a service account is created, a secret is also generated to store the associated token.

Starting from kubernetes version 1.24, a significant change is implemented regarding service accounts and token generation. Unlike previous versions, service accounts no longer generate tokens as secrets by default.

Step 4: Delete a Service Account

Delete the service account:

kubectl delete serviceaccount my-service-account
kubectl delete serviceaccount/my-service-account